What happens if the air conditioner is not cleaned?

We all know that if a gadget hasn’t been used in a while, it will start to experience issues, whether it’s a car or a lawnmower sitting in a driveway. So what about the air conditioning? Is there any harm if you don’t use the air conditioner for 3-4 months or longer?

Filters that are dirty obstruct the passage of cool air, causing it to build up within the air conditioner. Ice may build on the coils as a result of the process. Does anybody in your family have allergies or asthma? A clogged filter can exacerbate their symptoms.

The response turned out to be mainly positive news, with a few steps to be taken. For more information on how you can clean your AC without hassle visit the best air conditioner cleaning in Sunshine Coast Today!

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Why Annual Air Conditioner Maintenance Isn’t Really Necessary

It’s likely that you’ve learned that your air conditioner should be serviced at least once a year.

However, (and this could come as a surprise coming from an HVAC contractor), annual air conditioner maintenance isn’t needed (if you’re willing to take a chance.) Here are three situations where a tune-up isn’t necessary.

What happens if AC is not used for a long time?

If it’s been a while since you turned on your air conditioner, you’re probably curious if it’s appropriate to do so. This would be determined by the state of the device when you started using it, as well as the length of time it has been idle. For example, if you haven’t used your air conditioner in three or four months, you should be fine. Taking the following precautions if you’re concerned about dust or particle buildup:

Examine the compressor. Clean the area surrounding the compressor unit of any weeds, dust, or debris before turning on the air conditioner.

Have an appointment to have your machine serviced. At least once or twice a year, get the air conditioner serviced by experts. If you haven’t had your machine tested in a while, make an appointment with your prefered HVAC company before using it.

Use the fan setting on your air conditioner. Use just the fan mode on your air conditioner for about 10 minutes before turning on the cooling mode to prevent dust accumulation.

Ways to Service Your Air Conditioner Yourself

You don’t really need a specialist to service your air conditioner, thankfully. Before contacting an expert, there are a few things you can do on your own. For safety advice when washing the air conditioner, go to worksafe.nt.gov.au.

  • Switch off the electricity and the network.
  • Clear the region surrounding the device of debris.
  • The air conditioner’s fins should be cleaned and straightened.
  • The condenser fan has to be cleaned.
  • Cleaning the fins from the inside out.
  • The evaporator coil should be cleaned.

We do stress the importance of HVAC repair to our customers at Electrodry Aircon Cleaning. A good HVAC maintenance plan will keep your machine running smoothly, increase its reliability, and prolong its longevity. Since the HVAC machine hasn’t been adequately handled, some of our service calls are made.